About as

  KPR Prodlew-Kraków Sp. z o.o. is a modern engineering and consulting company, established as a result of privatization Enterprises Design and equipping Foundry in Cracow. Rich, dating back 1948 years of design experience has enabled investment specialize in complex industrial projects, from engineering design to launch.

    KPR Prodlew-Kraków Sp. z o.o. specialists designed, built and launched more than a hundred foundries in the country and abroad (Serbia, WNP, Croatia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Jordan). Our experienced engineering and technical staff performs services for the design and supply of equipment, implementation of new complete plants and modernization of old plants. Since the inception of the company, continuously modernizes and reorganizes it its structure and processes to ensure optimal adaptation to market needs, which vary with with the progress of time. On the date is changed by law, to be followed and consider creating, and executing every project it. Progress in the process of creating documentation caused significant personnel changes, the company began to shrink. In the 70s, during the heyday of heavy industry, working in Prodlew 850 people. The progress not only in drawing, printing, formerly in copying, but also in industry, verified old and outdated production solutions